Yves Saint Laurent Beauté helps nature to return to its wild state

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Understanding Rewilding


What is Rewilding?

Rewilding isn’t just about planting trees or conserving existing habitats; it’s a holistic approach to ecosystem restoration. It involves reintroducing native species, removing invasive ones, and allowing natural processes to shape landscapes. Essentially, it’s about giving nature the space and freedom to thrive.


Why is rewilding crucial? 

Beyond its ecological benefits, rewilding helps combat biodiversity loss, mitigate climate change, and restore balance to ecosystems. By allowing nature to regenerate, we’re not just preserving what’s left but actively rebuilding what’s been lost.


YSL Beauty’s Rewilding “Rewild Our Earth” Campaign


YSL Beauty’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond cosmetics; it extends to the very heart of nature itself. Through their “Rewild Our Earth” campaign, they’ve pledged to rewild and revitalize ecosystems worldwide. But what exactly does this entail?


YSL Beauty & Re:Wild

The collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Re:Wild represents a powerful synergy aimed at driving meaningful conservation outcomes. By joining forces, these two entities leverage their respective expertise and resources to amplify the impact of rewilding initiatives worldwide. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s dedication to environmental sustainability aligns seamlessly with Re:Wild’s mission to protect and restore the natural world.

Through this collaboration, they’re able to implement holistic strategies that not only address biodiversity loss and habitat degradation but also foster community engagement and long-term environmental stewardship. Re:Wild’s work spans across diverse ecosystems, from forests and grasslands to marine environments, employing science-based approaches to conservation that prioritize ecological integrity and resilience.

Together with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, they’re catalyzing positive change and safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty on explorer.land


With explorer.land this long-term initiative can be discovered via interactive maps. Visitors can learn how YSL’s beauty helps to rewild our earth and safeguard biodiversity in priority regions such as Morocco, Haiti, Madagascar, and Indonesia.


Projects around the worlds

  • In Morocco, YSL Beauty actively combats the effects of desertification by restoring 1,000 hectares of land and empowering local communities. Explore the project
  • In Haiti: they spearhead efforts to restore primary forests, which have dwindled to less than 1% of their original extent. Explore the project
  • In Madagascar, they contribute to biodiversity rehabilitation by planting more than 400,000 trees. Explore the project
  • In Indonesia, they engage in preserving lands and safeguarding over 350 species within a biodiversity hotspot. Explore the project
  • In Canada, they commit to preventing the degradation of grasslands through a program targeting areas where 95% of the ecosystem is endangered with the overarching mission to safeguard and restore 100,000 hectares of our planet’s landscapes by 2030. Explore the project 

A sponsor profile

YSL Beauty’s commitment to environmental stewardship is exemplified through their dedicated sponsor profile on explorer.land where stakeholders can delve into the intricacies of YSL Beauty’s sponsorship programs, gaining insight into the projects they support and the impact of their contributions. By maintaining a dedicated presence on explorer.land, YSL Beauty underscores their transparency and accountability in driving positive change for the planet. Visitors to their profile can explore detailed information about the brand’s rewilding efforts, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.


360° Drone imagery 

In an innovative approach to storytelling and transparency, YSL Beauty has utilized 360° drone imagery to provide immersive insights into their conservation projects worldwide. By capturing panoramic views from above, these images offer a comprehensive perspective on the landscapes being restored, the progress made, and the impact on local communities and ecosystems. Through the lens of these drones, viewers can witness the transformation of degraded lands into thriving habitats, further fostering transparency and accountability in YSL Beauty’s rewilding efforts. These captivating visuals are all accessible on explorer.land, allowing stakeholders and the public alike to explore the projects in detail and engage with the journey of environmental restoration firsthand.

We're in a crisis of trust... In this day and age you create trust through transparency, not necessarily through social media and colorful marketing materials.

Alexander Watson
CEO and Founder OpenForests

At explorer.land

At explorer.land, we help organizations passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability through transformative projects like those undertaken by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. 

We help amplify the impact of your initiatives, foster transparency, and engage stakeholders in meaningful ways. 

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