Forest Monitoring

Monitor all changes. A dashboard to detect and localize deforestation and fire events when they occur. Receive monitoring alerts via email and SMS for rapid response.

At a glance

Global coverage

Monitor your project area and buffer zones remotely via satellite technology.

Localization and quantification
Assess where and when forest damages occurring. Investigate and plan management measures.
Deforestation detection
Avoid non-planned deforestation by early detection and quantification of impacted areas. Protect your valuable forest assets and biodiversity.
Fire monitoring
Wild fires have become a prevalent risk in many regions of the world. Early detection allows quick reaction.
Receive alerts
Stay notified and receive fire and deforestation alerts from all project locations via email and SMS.


Carbon flux between atmosphere and forests between 2001-2020 calculated according to IPCC Guidelines.


Multi-spectral and radar satellite data for weekly deforestation alerts with a resolution of 10 - 30 meters.


Daily satellite imagery for reforestation monitoring based on NDVI and canopy cover.


Key Biodiversity Areas that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity. Updated twice per year.


Visible infrared satellite sensors are used to identify global fire locations and intensity every 24 hours.
Data sources

Forest monitoring data integration

We combine various high-quality data sources with a focus on open-source data. Proprietary data from third-party providers can be integrated via our API.


Essential Functions

All in one place to manage your location data and to continuously monitor wildfires, deforestation, and reforestation success.

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Easy geodata management

Be in control of your data. Import, download, synchronize, and edit all your geodata with an intuitive user backend. Data management takes place on

Draw locations

Quickly add and change polygon shapes. No need to wait for the GIS expert to support you with geodata management. All authorized users can view and edit project data via the user backend.

Analyze fire and deforestation events

Overview project locations and instantly analyze fires and unplanned deforestation events via intuitive maps and charts.

Monitor your reforestation success

Automate your regular forest monitoring with high-resolution NDVI imagery and canopy cover classification.


All what is needed

Comprehensive service for monitoring and data management

Team work
Everyone on your team has access to the necessary forest data.
Share data
You decide what data is made accessible to your clients, stakeholder, and the public.
We support you with your geodata import at no additional cost.
Open-source data
Preferably we focus on the integration of open source quality data.
Data security
Regular updates of your data are stored on professionally managed servers in Europe.
Third party API
API is available for the synchronization of geodata from third-party databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

We integrate various data sources and remote sensing products for forest monitoring applications. For deforestation and reforestation monitoring, the monitoring layers are created by multispectral or radar satellite sensors. Fire is detected via thermal sensors. In contrast to this, the biodiversity layer uses various data inputs including from on the ground surveys.

We prefer the integration of open-source data. However, for specific cases, open-source data sets do not offer the same quality as commercial monitoring data layers. On-demand we also integrate additional commercial monitoring data sets.

This depends on the data layer. For the fire monitoring the data gets updated every 24 hours. Deforestation monitoring updates are delivered on a weekly basis. Key Biodiversity Areas are only updated twice a year.

All of your project locations, e.g. geodata is managed via the backend. You can import or draw your polygons right in the user backend or we support you with your geodata import. The initial portal set up is conducted by the OpenForests team.

The monitoring data is offered via our online portal. No additional hardware or desktop installments are required.