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Building trust, transparency and storytelling for environmental projects through satellite imagery and scientific data. 

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What we do

Show the positive impact of your project on a trusted global map

Through geo-located news, videos, interactive maps and much more

Thanks to a dedicated funding section where investors and donators can see your project and your funding needs, and connect with you directly.

Thanks to a dedicated funding section where investors and donators can see your project and your funding needs, and connect with you directly. - bringing transparency

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What our clients say
Frenquently Asked Questions is a map-based platform showcasing restoration and conservation initiatives in a transparent yet engaging way. Restoration and conservation initiatives use to document and display their progress via interactive maps and geo-located content (e.g., news posts and photos). Functions such as the call-to-action button facilitate immediate engagement with supporters. Funders, purpose-driven businesses, and buyers of forest goods and services use the platform to find interesting projects to support and collaborate with. The interactive home page, which includes different search possibilities, allows for easy navigation and filtering of projects according to criteria. Thematic global data layers, 3D views, and the integration of high-resolution drone or satellite imagery support transparency, engagement, and immersion in an initiative’s context and impact.

Description of features

For projects:

  • Manage info & communicate story
  • Immerse audience with 3D views
  • Integrate high-resolution geo images
  • Demonstrate transparency
  • Gain visibility: potential supporters find you
  • Promote forest goods & services

For funders & supporters

  • Find projects with search criteria
  • Explore transparent projects
  • Engage directly
  • Add your organizational profile
  • Communicate your support
  • Grow the restoration movement

Use cases

You find projects by free exploration of the map or by filtering by search categories. Search categories include project type (e.g., agroforestry, conservation, restoration), goods produced (e.g., coffee, timber, herbs), country of project, and participating organizations.

Learn how to search projects

There are various functions to document and monitor project activities:

  1. show the exact geolocation of a project, indicate land use, and integrate attribute data to every location,
  2. exactly place geolocated news posts with a time stamp on top of your project map to describe and document any field activity or observation,
  3. integrate high-resolution drone or satellite imagery and show before and after of e.g. planting activities,
  4. activate Thematic Layers to show the impact via a growing number of global data layers such as deforestation monitoring.

Projects published and listed on increase their visibility and are easily found by funders. Visibility can be increased by using the social sharing function and the call-to-action button to guide the prospects to your fundraising materials.

Furthermore, the map-based project presentation serves as exciting and beautiful communication material, that allows for presenting remote projects in-depth during fundraising events or in one-to-one meetings and video calls.