Aerial imagery procurement

Aerial imagery for forest mapping and monitoring. Find cost-effective data source that meet your information requirments.

Your requirements

What data do I need?

If you do not work daily with remote sensing and GIS, the vast amount of data sources, specifications, and potential analysis can be overwhelming. The following questions help to specify your information requirements.

1. Domain
What do I want to observe?
2. Scale
What is the spatial size and distribution?
3. Frequency
What is the frequency of my information requirement?
4. Resolution
What is the required minimum resolution?
5. Costs
What are the costs for the data and processing?

The right data source and analysis

We help to select the right data source and conduct the necessary analysis.

We find satellite imagery that suits your needs. If possible, we are using free accessible data.
Satellite or drone imagery is processed and analyzed according to your requirements.
Data is provided in standard formats or delivered via our web map portal.

Cost structure

The following table is an example of our cost structure for Pléiades and SPOT satellite imagery.

Satellite sensor | Hectare
500 ha
2.000 ha
10.000 ha
Pléiades (50 cm)

High-resolution multi-spectral satellite imagery for detailed forest mapping.

730 €
1.050 €
2.750 €
SPOT 6 / 7 (1.5 m)

Cost efficient high-resolution multi-spectral satellite imagery for forest classification mapping.

690 €
900 €
2.000 €

Frequently Asked Questions

Every case requires an understanding of the information requirements. For some cases open data sets such as Landsat, Sentinel, etc. are sufficient. For other cases, it is required to obtain high-resolution commercial data sets.

If satellite imagery from the archive is procured the process takes 1 -  3 days. For the case of targeting new satellite imagery, this can take a few days up to a few weeks, as for some regions it is difficult to procure cloud-free imagery.

Satellite imagery is usually provided as GeoTiff or GeoJPG.