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Connecting Salesforce CRM with

Reforestation and restoration organizations such as WeForest use corporate sponsorships to finance an extensive portfolio of global regenerative projects.

The internal administration of sponsors and their contributions to various projects takes place in a Salesforce Customer Relation Management System (CRM).  This is an efficient way to administrate the sponsors.

The public documentation and presentation of sponsor contributions, however, created a lot of effort. PDF reports, photos, and video materials needed to be shared with each sponsor individually.

By connecting Salesforce via an API module with the process of linking sponsor contributions with project locations has been automized. 

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This has two great benefits: 

  1. Administration of sponsors can be easily done via Salesforce. Sponsor contributions are automatically mapped to project locations.
  2. Each sponsor receives a beautiful and branded map they can use to demonstrate impact, CSR engagement, and Net Zero Goals publicly.

This way sponsor contributions can be distributed easily and transparently across a larger project portfolio. Corporates can communicate their contributions and the progress of the supported projects via a transparent map-based and branded project presentation including rich multimedia-based storytelling.

This not only saves hundreds of hours of creating custom reporting and communication materials for sponsor clients. Every sponsor receives an autogenerated map-based project presentation for brand endorsement and beautiful impact communication.

We're in a crisis of trust... In this day and age you create trust through transparency, not necessarily through social media and colorful marketing materials.

Alexander Watson
CEO and Founder OpenForests