Connect stakeholders

Show and link all the different actors and organisations involved in a certain landscape restoration or conservation initiative

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Projects as well as organizations can be linked to each other. Projects can be aggregated by organizations, multistakeholder organizations, or by landscapes (geographies).

Example multistakeholder organization

Example of landscape makes all project stakeholders visible. Show project locations and organizations as well as communities that are active on the ground. Furthermore, each project can show associated organizations e.g. multistakeholder constellations from science, standards, private market actors, funders, donors and investors.

Projects published and listed on increase their visibility and are easily found by funders. Visibility can be increased by using the social sharing function and the call-to-action button to guide the prospects to your fundraising materials.

Furthermore, the map-based project presentation serves as exciting and beautiful communication material, that allows for presenting remote projects in-depth during fundraising events or in one-to-one meetings and video calls.

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