Technology Partners

Every project is different. We collaborate with specialized technology partners for enhancing the transparency, engagement, and immersive experiences of projects. Together we can determine the high-resolution data and multimedia best suited for your needs and integrate it into your profile. We aspire to create a symbiotic network of partners that propels the restoration and conservation movement forward.

Estainium Association
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Deforestation-free Supply Chain

OpenForests is a proud member of the ESTAINIUM Association. ESTAINIUM leads a global movement for climate-positive supply chains, promoting transparency, collaboration, and innovation.

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Deforestation-free Supply Chain

OpenForests is a proud member of the EMMA4EU project, an initiative co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme aiming to tackle the issue of deforestation-driven climate change and biodiversity loss in tropical countries.

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Reliable carbon and deforestation monitoring

Nadar offers accurate, satellite-powered monitoring tailored to various ecosystems, enhancing conservation efforts and agricultural supply chain transparency.

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Global Drone Imagery

Crowddroning by GLOBHE sends drones globally through a crowd of local drone operators collecting high-resolution data for restoration and research.

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Groundtruth your story with film and photography

ReWild Africa is harnessing the power of film and photography to document and to bring unique stories to life to engage individuals and connect them with the missions of our projects.